ESKAE | Moonlight Yacht Party | Saturday May 29 2010

dj eskae | photo by HonozoolooFirewater Moonlight Yacht Party
Performing live on May 29 2010 : ESKAE


Listening to the AM radio while being driven to elementary school in his mom’s Monte Carlo is how DJ ESKAE was first exposed to music. In high school his music interest grew when he started sneaking out of the house to go to clubs like After Dark and Euphoria.

Late nights spent listening to other DJs influenced experimenting with scratching, which led to the collaborative formation of the Nocturnal Sound Krew (other members are DJs Compose, Jami and Solution). With a common love for hip-hop and turntablism, the Krew continues to dominate Honolulu’s club and DJ battle scene.

ESKAE’s mission is to get people from different scenes together enjoying the same party. His signature style easily transitions between hip-hop, dancehall, hipster electro rock, classic funk and soul. Regarded as one of Hawaii’s most versatile DJs, ESKAE has rocked underground parties to exclusive, invitation-only events. He continues to break down genre barriers and gets people dancing to music they didn’t realize they liked.

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