Black Square | Moonlight Yacht Party | Saturday May 29 2010

Firewater Moonlight Yacht Party
Performing live on May 29 2010  :  Black Square


Black Square’s sound can be described as a blend of ska and reggae delivered with the urgency and intensity of punk rock. As reggae music was the backdrop for these Hawaii raised punk rockers, the sound of Black Square came about organically from their musical and geographical upbringing. The band’s name comes from the Russian artist Kasimir Malevich’s 1915 painting of a black square. The theory behind the painting was that the material matter of art was without value and the true value in a work of art was in the feeling it expressed or provoked—without leading the viewer to a specific object based reflection. Black Square seeks to do the same with their music.
Recently Black Square has been touring the mainland USA about every six months and is receiving radio play. Black Square, located on Oahu in the Hawaiian Island chain, is in a market smaller than Toledo, Ohio, with no neighboring cities to play in. Despite their geographic isolation, local and internet support has allowed their activity to be achieved DIY. Black Square currently consists of Josh86 on guitar, Taylor on Bass, Brian Kim on drums, T.R. on alto sax, and G-Bone on the trombone, and Babyface McEvans on tenor sax.


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