82fifty | New Year’s Eve | Friday December 31, 2010

Firewater New Year’s Eve Yacht Party
Performing live on December 31 2010 : 82fifty


82Fifty is made up of three brothers and a close friend with the same passion for music and rock n roll. 82Fifty would be best described as a very UNIQUE, FUN, and BADASS rock band from Pearl City, Hawaii. 967(82) + 50th State= 82fifty Pearl City, Hawaii. Rocking hard in paradise for over four years where “Island Music” is the dominant genre, 82Fifty continues to stay true to their style and constantly pushes the envelope with their originality. Live shows are filled with high energy that will knock you off your feet. 82fifty’s original music is reminiscent of artists who influence their style – artists include: The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Police, 311, No Doubt and Sublime.Their unique sound and style has awarded them 2008’s Hawaii Music Award for, “ Best Rock Album” and a nomination for Hawaii’s Na Hoku Hanohano Awards for “Best Rock Album of 2008”. Everyone brings something to the table in this band, with Ritchie’s rhythmic bass lines, Jessie‘s melodic vocals and catchy lyrics, Max’s thunderous drumbeats, and of course Jeri’s aggressive riffs and intricate guitar solos.



Also performing the New Year’s Eve Yacht Party December 31 2010 :

DJ Rayne + DJ Mr Nick + GRLFRNDS :