DJ Rayne | New Year’s Eve | Friday December 31, 2010

New Year’s Eve Yacht Party
Performing live on New Year’s Eve 2011 : DJ Rayne

The legacy of DJ Rayne is not a short story. After a teenage life of grunge rock bands and gigs in the underground Miami rock scene, DJ Rayne aka Joel Ricker arrived in Hawaii. The year was 1996 and he was a young United States Marine. The rise of the underground electronic music movement was sweeping its way across the United States and it was only a matter of time before the itch of this dance music culture captivated him. First becoming an avid and awarded break-dancer, then it was only a matter of time before he turned his fluent guitar playing skills towards the art of DJing. By 1998, then acquiring the name DJ Rayne, it was a full-blown addiction. Still fluent in his Rock n Roll music background, it took little time in mastering the ways of DJing. After only 6 months of studying the art, DJ Rayne landed his first residency as the head resident DJ at the now defunct Evolution Night Club. Another 6 months and he became the Promotions Manager. The ball began to roll and promoter after promoter, in Hawaii, began to demand what DJ Rayne had to offer. Within his first year and a half of DJing, he had managed to land 8 residencies at multiple Nightclubs every week. The highlight of his residencies was Hawaii’s top and longest running nightclub, The Wave Waikiki. His residency at the Wave Began on Hawaii’s number one weekly nightclub event “The Pussycat Lounge” then turned into a rotating residence everyday of the week. Next came a guest spot on Hawaii’s famed TV show, Baywatch. The main factor that skyrocketed DJ Rayne into a household name in Hawaii began when he met with the late Komo Low and started the legacy of the W Hotel Club Events. Hawaii was the first of all national W hotels to incorporate DJ’s and night life into their business plans and DJ Rayne was the poster child of this success. Performing for over 1600 people every Friday night for 5 years. Because of DJ Rayne’s hard work, the W hotels embarked on a national advance into the DJ Nightlife scene and began to build Nightclub scenarios into their business plans as the embarked on the birth of new hotels in Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, just to name a few. During his Reign at The W Hotel @ Diamondhead’s resident DJ, Hawaii was blessed with the first Om Records monthly residency, in the world, outside of their home in San Francisco. During this time, DJ Rayne had the opportunity to open for every single one of the leading DJ’s on the entire west coast of the United States, that were involved in the house music Scene. Having teamed up with Hawaii’s number one DJ Promotion crew, simultaneously, DJ Rayne was slotted next to internationally traveled and talented DJ’s from all over the world. Known as The Imaginary Friends, DJ Rayne and crew, threw the largest outdoor festival in Hawaii’s history to date with over 5600 people in attendance, “ID4” hosted international talent from the award-winning club Gatecrasher in England. DJ Rayne performed what is said to be the greatest performance of the evening, topping his international counterparts. Performance. It was shortly there after, that DJ Rayne had landed himself a monthly residency at every single nightclub on Oahu in the state of Hawaii. Nominated for the best new comer DJ award by a local magazine, beefed up his aggression into becoming Hawaii’s number one DJ. It wasn’t very long there after that he received a call from HBO and was asked to perform for Janet Jackson at her farewell tour concert at Aloha stadium. Years later, a performance at a private engagement for Hailey Berry. Even Bruce Willis has been spotted, watching DJ Rayne at work, staring as if in amazement, for over an hour. Within a short period of time, he had become the most successful DJ in such a short period of time, in Hawaii’s history. Years have passed and still to date, DJ Rayne is recognized as one of Hawaii’s most sought after talents. And he continues to rock the most enticing nightclubs and venues in the State as the head resident of SOHO Media Bars First Friday event. DJ Rayne Still performs form the largest of Hawaii’s nightclub crowds. His recent CD Release Party at SOHO Media Bar, hosted a line out the front door that swept down the sidewalk for over 3 city blocks, as well over one thousand fans, were lined up for their chance to get a copy of his new mix. He also maintains a rotating residency at Apartment 3, Hawaii’s most exquisite lounge club. In the past, DJ Rayne has performed for Salvatore Ferriguamo, Prada, Diesel, Puma, Max Mara, Custco Barcelona, Energy and Miss Sixty.Recently, he has been hired by Escada USA as their go to guy when it comes to their Hawaii, in store, events at Ala Moana Shopping Center.

The Legacy of DJ Rayne is far from over as he ventures into new undiscovered musical territory. Teaming up with local artists Charlie Longhi and award winning Singer & songwriter, Scott Farley, a funk rock infusion band known as “Ghost Ride the Whip” has begun to take shape and has already developed a heavy following. He owns and operates one of Hawaii’s top Mobile Sound Companies, “Rayne Entertainment”, providing quality sound for Weddings, Corporate Events and anywhere else there is a demand for his talent. Recent negotiations for a nightclub tour in Malaysia and the Philippians may yield promising results. Now with fans in over 58 different countries, world wide, there seems to be no stopping him. Who knows what the future entails, but I’m sure it’s a show not to miss.


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