GRLFRNDS | New Year’s Eve | Friday December 31, 2010

Firewater Moonlight Yacht Party
Performing live on December 31 2010 : GRLFRNDS


It’s a long and complicated story about how the punks took over the dance floor and the dance floor took over the punks. They had been in many bands before – Shoko Kono, Le Tenia, Life In The Iron Lung – but none of them were like THIS. In early 2009, Jacob Achitoff (aka Aesthete) and Alex Kaiser (Le Tenia) were programming electro bangers under the moniker Gaza In Neon and in May were invited to participate in a Battle Of The Bands to open for MGMT. However, Gaza was a bedroom studio project between two simmilarly minded friends and hardly a ‘live’ band. Eager for notoriety and the chance to open for a fun, dance-y indie/electro act Alex and Jake entered into Battle Of The Bands as GIRLFRIENDS – a band that had yet to exist and just over a month to ‘battle’ the best and brightest bands in Hawaii. The con went down like this: Alex and Jake recruited Nick Ross and Nate Mccurdy (both having played in Le Tenia, Shoko Kono and Less Than Zero) on guitar and drums and with Alex as the singer and Jacob behind a microkorg they attempted to play dance music with the frantic energy, passion and instrumentation that they had honed in punk bands for almost a decade. Taking influence from the indie/post-punk revival of the early 2000’s (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Interpol) and the artists at the forefront of the recent electro craze (Justice, Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem, M83) as well as first wave punk and post punk (The Clash, Joy Division, New Order) GIRLFRIENDS wrote 4 songs and debuted them at the Battle Of The Bands in June. The reaction from the crowd and the judges was unanimously positive however the band lost the contest to their esteemed peers in the Jump Offs by only 2 points (out of 50). Despite losing there was a mutual understanding for the members of the band and the scenesters present that night – GIRLFRIENDS was a force to be reckoned with. A month later with another few more songs on their belt the band was invited back to play a second Battle Of The Bands, this time with the chance to open for Modest Mouse – a great honor for any Hawaii band that Alex, Nick, Nate and Jake took great pleasure and honor in winning. On Sept. 9th, for a thousand-strong crowd, with only a few small shows under their belt the band debuted their first full-set and hands were raised, jaws were dropped, girls got flustered and everybody knew GIRLFRIENDS had arrived. To further mark their arrival GIRLFRIENDS are getting ready to release their first self-produced EP ‘ADULT OFFENDERS ARE YOUNG LOVERS’ for free, digital download. The ep consists of 5 dance-punk/post-punk/electro anthems born out of desperation – desperation to get noticed, desperation to be the best, of being desperately high, desperately horny and desperately wanting to dance.



Also performing the New Year’s Eve Yacht Party December 31 2010 :

DJ Rayne +   Mr Nick +   82Fifty : Hosted by Sean D

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